Africa Spec. Sprinter

OK a little tongue in check but I will do some additional Prep. before we head off to Morocco and south.
If you want to stick to tarmac in Morocco that's perfectly possible but why miss out on the chance of some true wilderness, and so accessible from Europe😀

So let's put the winch thing to bed first. I may regret this but I won't be fitting one. A few reasons.
Winch bumpers are easily available for the Sprinter but to be honest it's a van, not designed to have such stuff bolted to the front.
So weight. Weight is a killer. You add "heavy duty" this and that. There's an entire industry around selling this stuff, mostly to LR people. Before you know it this has added so much weight that you've stressed some other components, so what do you need? More heavy duty stuff of course. You get the picture.
Getting stuck.  I've driven 4x4's for ever, for work, for pleasure,  competitively, overland. I'm pretty sure I've known before hand that I'm about to get stuck before the event. So you have the option of turning around or choosing another route right?
Of course shit happens so I will take a Tirfor.  Packed well away, hopefully never to see the light of day.

Additional Cooling.
During our trip through Europe I kept a close eye on the temperature. Some long, fast climbs in 30C+. It fluctuated between 88 and 92C. So no issues. But I figure some areas we'll travel through could involve driving slowly through soft sand which equals high engine load with low air flow.
So I'll fit an additional electric pusher fan. Manually switched, I don't trust after market thermostats.
Oddly Sprinters don't have a temperature gauge. Very German, it'll never overheat so you don't need one🤔
So I have a Scan Gauge 2 permanently connected.

Under Body Protection.
Already done, see photo's.
Got it from here, along with the snorkel.
Off Road Manni

Sand Ladders.
Self explanatory.

Recovery Points.
See above I'm not planning on getting stuck, but prepare for the worst hope for the best and all that.

Second Spare.
It'll be a tyre only. Again keep the weight down. I have a puncture repair kit. Not legal in the UK but it works great.

Additional Fuel Filter.
I'm a bit paranoid about common rail diesels and dodgy fuel. It does have water separation in the standard filter but prevention is better than cure right?
I'm thinking of one of these:
Racor.Racor Filter

Poor Quality, Higher Sulfur Diesel.
Some of the Euro 5 emission control stuff won't play nice with this. You can fix this but this isn't the place to elaborate.

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