What's The White Van Plan?

Firstly it's not actually about a white Sprinter van😀 It's more about a life change for both of us. This begins with a phrase that I like to think I coined, maybe not nut who cares...it goes like this "the more shit you have,  the more shit you have". Over the years we'd definitely collected a pile of stuff we didn't need.

So we needed to make a converted effort to de shit our lives.

Next epiphany, you really need to read this book, The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. Seriously entertaining and enlightening. It's not a heavy weight read.

So this is a sort of belated blog, OK a little late but hey we're making all of this up as we go along.

So it goes like this:

  1.  Ditch working for sociopathic retards. I know that's a contradiction and a new scientific discovery but I assure you they exist.
  2. Build a campervan. A 4x4 Sprinter which should allow us to explore the more remote places.
  3. Cross the channel, um that's about it really😀
  4. Travel Asia
  5. Return to campervan life, it’s seriously addictive!

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