Saturday, 29 October 2016

Heading North / Home

Although it was a bit of detour we went back to Kalamata this morning to the farmers market. Just brilliant, tons of really cheap and fresh produce. Bought about half a ton of Kalamata olives, so combined with the 20 litres of olive oil Christmas is sorted. Sorry if anyone was expecting a surprise.

We then set off North,  towards Meteora. No reason apart from it looks cool.

Considering what it is the Sprinter is a superb motorway mile muncher. The toll roads are virtually deserted which helps. Drinks diesel at anything over 65mph though.

OK a moan. Why oh why can't the Italians or Greeks make decent coffee. I'd be glad to see a Starbucks or Costa even!!
Even the stuff we've bought is crap, we're seriously starved of coffee, literally the last decent one was in France, and I thought Italy was renowned for its coffee.

So we got bored of the motorway, took a random tun off. Followed signs for the beach and we're now sat in a cool bar on the edge of a proper small harbour. Listening to the spice girls😀 along with maybe 15 locals.
We'll stay here tonight. Meteora is still 3hrs away.

We may make it to Albania tomorrow, we'll see.


  1. Thanks for all your hits Russ!
    Now looking forward to watching your trip back through Albania...a route we may follow?

  2. I think Albania will be a love or hate country :-)
    I'll try to keep you up to date but as always internet dependent. We have a package from ee but it's only 50mb per day so photos are a struggle if wifi is rubbish.