Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Navarino Castle

Today I was press ganged into walking up to the / which overlooks Navarino bay. OK I know I’ve spent the last 8 weeks doing nothing much apart from drinking and eating too much but that’s  ratcheted up significantly over the past few days. Including a 9hr session at the local bar a couple of days ago but jeez I struggled. On the way up the wine from the previous days nearly made its way back up as well.
But whoa, was it worth it. Views from the top were simply stunning, well see the photos. Unfortunately, yet again as we’ve found around here, it was over run with tourists. There must have been 4, maybe even 6 of them. Maybe the warning signs keep them away😀

I'm sure the beach you can see must rank in the top 10 in the world on some league table, it really is as beautiful as it looks. Shallow,  warm and crystal clear. You can drive to it rather than the 15km walk😥

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