Friday, 21 October 2016

So this is a sort of belated blog, OK a little late but hey we're making all of this up as we go😀
Anyways the story behind the White Van Plan:
1. Ditch working for sociopathic retards. I know that's a contradiction and a new scientific discovery but I assure you they exist.
2. Build a campervan. A 4x4 Sprinter which should allow us to explore the more remote places.
3. Cross the channel, um that's about it really😀

Seriously it was literally a few days before we left before we decided on south west or south east.
In the end it was south east. Through France, into Italy and then a ferry over to Corfu. From Corfu the plan became even more flexible, if that was possible.

The first few posts here were done retrospectively so they're a little happy hazard. Hopefully they'll get better as we go.

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