Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Still Navarino Beach But A Little Road Trip

So today we went to Methoni, a small village with a very big castle. It morphed into a fort in the 17th century due to the advent of artillery. After that another small trip along the coast to Founkunta for a great lunch,  oh and some bag shopping. I didn’t know we needed another bag, but hey what do I know. Apart from the fact that we’ll need a bigger van at this rate.

Before we set off we went to the local butcher, I’m not kidding it was like being back on  the Llyn peninsula, well apart from the old codgers sat in there drinking coffee. It looked like they were there for the day, so maybe it won’t only be coffee on the menu. Loads of really good quality meat for next to nothing. Including 2 big chunks of what looks like fillet steak for 3euro. I don’t think it was but it was pretty good on the bbq later.

We share the bbq with the family next door to us on the campsite, loads of food and cheap but ridiculously good wine (ok not local, they bought it in France by the 10 litre bag). Maybe everything  tastes good when the sun is shining. We’ll not maybe, it does. Even larger.

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