Friday, 21 October 2016

Southern Italy

Further south, through some grim areas and then oddly quickly into some beautiful areas. Great campsite, again right on a well maintained sandy beaches, free sunbeds. We’ve been to places where they want 25euro per day, lunatics!
Another change in demographics. Day 2 we’re literally the only brits  here. 98% German maybe 1% Dutch and 1% Swiss.
Sorry to say the German’s here are just downright miserable. You look them in the eye, smile, nod and say hello. Reaction? Zilch. They do their best to avoid even looking at you. First time we’ve noticed it in this extreme. They are, however, very interested in spraying ant killer around, fiddling with their campers or caravans, cleaning and cooking weird smelling stuff. I assume wurtzels.
Doesn’t dampen the place though, we’re right next to Paestum, which is sooo impressive. When we get there hardly any tourist’s and you can walk right through the 460BC Greek temples.

Some photos and timeliness jumbled up here. So some of the Amalfi coast thrown in. Everyone says don't drive along the Amalfi coast in a camper. But ours is smallish right? Well ok it is beautiful, dramatic and great to see. But rubbish at the same time. Even at this time of year its clogged with coaches, taxis and people carriers doing tours.
Don't bother. Book a boat trip to see it๐Ÿ˜€

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