Friday, 21 October 2016


Onwards to Tuscany.
A great drive and some interesting sights. Why is it only young ladies who sit in layby’s, I assume waiting for a bus? Or are they selling grannies special home produced olive oil? Its obviously hotter out there than it seems as they are certainly dressed (or not) for hot weather. Um strange😀
Campsite was beautiful, parked up under pine trees right at the edge of the beach.
But we really haven’t got the hang of the campervan or Italian thing yet, we have this knack of arriving at around 1pm, just in time for everything to shut. Bizarrely this seems to include restaurants!? Today is no exception, although the reception is open (whey hey woody doo) they tell us its ‘” quiet time” so we’re not actually allowed on the site until 3pm. OFFS!
Happily the bar is open (not the restaurant of course) so coffee and beer to pass the time. Coffee, really good coffee is 50 cents. Makes a change to the usual 2 to 4 euro! I don’t get that, how does anyone buy coffee or beer in Europe?

Next day is a drive through Tuscany day. Yep its beautiful but to be honest once you’ve driven through ancient oak woodland for 3hrs you’ve seen enough of that. Salvaged the day with a truly great lunch in a typical Hill top town. Even in the Sprinter  (ie smallish) it’s pretty tricky driving anywhere near the towns and villages.

I’ve got scooter/motorbike envy. First job when we get back home is to finish my bike licence. I had started before entering left but ran out of time to finish it. I’d even bought the rack to go on the back of the Sprinter. I can tell Marie isn’t entirely sold on the idea.

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