Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Boat Day

A boat day today. Took a tour of the bay, guided by the daughter of our new friends. They’ve been coming here for years and bring their boat with them so they know the place like the back of their hand. It’s  great to have some local knowledge and I can really see why they keep coming back. And to think that we ended up on the Peloponnese by accident really! And we then ended up on this campsite by accident, well falling the ACSI camping card app anyway. It’s  a great app, just about every campsite we’ve stayed on has been great. Sea  was absolutely flat calm, just how Marie likes it. Visited the French, Russian and English islands/memorials.
No point trying to fish, the bay is fished out. Maybe I’ll get lucky before we head for home.
There is some sort of time distortion phenomenon going on here. We figured yesterday that we’ve been here for over a week. Completely unplanned and its  just sort of snuck up on us. But hey who cares!? We’ll probably move on on Friday. Towards the 3rd trident of the peninsula, missing out the middle one. Only due to the fact that we know time is running out in the context of the good weather. Which Btw is around 25C, with pretty much zero wind or cloud today. Its  tough, but someone’s got to support the local tourist industry.
Talking of which, we called into a coffee/cake shop yesterday morning and sat outside were the usual suspects. Blokes drinking coffee and watching the world go by. One of them hears us speaking English and starts a conversation, greeting us and telling us that Greece needs some our money. He then goes on to say how they are going to chuck the Germans out, how they are “pissing” all over the Greek people. That was a little awkward. The family we are with speak perfect English with virtually no accent, but they’re German. Doh.
Anyway, I figure I could become one of the old codgers quite easily. I have a worrying affinity to sitting at roadside taverna/bars watching cars, trucks and bikes go by😀
So if I can actually get some decent Internet today this will be pretty much up to date. In fact I need to sort that so I can do some Internet banking. You just can’t escape reality, Marie’s card has been scammed while we’ve been away. That’s  bad enough but Ellie can’t do any online grocery shopping so she’ll starve unless I sort it. Well probably not.
So remember part of the White Van Plan was based on a phrase that I came up with? Well I  think  I  came up with it but who cares I like it and it pretty  much sums up where we and I’m sure loads of others in the UK end up by mistake.  So to repeat “the more sh*t you have, the more sh*t you have” so we’d been busy de you know whating our lives. Selling cars, multiple trips to the dump and charity shop’s. But it seems we still need some of it  ah well, must keep trying and maybe I need to re read “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving  a F**k” it’s on amazon. Try it. Its  an amusing read but does contain some pearls of wisdom.

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