Friday, 21 October 2016

Naples / Pompeii

Naples next.
I really really detest Naples. I detest the place, the drivers and the pedestrians. OK my mistake for setting the sat nav to avoid toll roads on the way to Pompeii. This results in driving through the centre of Naples for maybe 2hrs. Possibly the most miserable 2hrs of my recent memory, well actually it started maybe an hour before then. I’ve seen and driven through some shit holes but I’ve honesty never seen so much human crap piled up in every available space along the road sides. I’m including Africa in that statement. Apart from the crap it’s obviously the car and bike scrap yard capital. Oh and of course lots of young ladies selling grannies olive oil, odd though I don’t see any olive trees. And I don’t think I’d like any of these ladies olive oil anyway.

So Top tip for Italy:
Avoid Naples. It makes Rhyl look like St Tropez.
Most of all avoid driving through Naples. I didn't think such a thing existed but every driver is a psychopathic retard who acts in a totally random way.
Every pedestrian is an arrogant twnt who deliberately and slowly walks out in front of you.
(Btw I've driven through Marrakech and Paris)
And I know the Romans were renowned for road building but maybe someone should have carried out some repairs between 150BC and now.

The roads in Pompei were in better condition

Fortunately my faith in Italy has been restored today, see above

After extensive research I can confirm that Birra Moretti is better than Peronni
To rub salt in the wound the campsite, which turns out to be OK for a city one, is literally 1 minute away from the autostrada!
Pompeii was maybe 100m from the front gate, Herculanium was a 20 minutes train ride (on one of the shitest  trains I’ve ever been on but it didn’t matter really.

Yep, its a slippery slope, but hey we've got to stretch the £'s🤔

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