Thursday, 3 November 2016

Back to Albania

The crossing back into Albania was a doddle, way easier and quicker than getting into Macedonia, go figure.
I was slightly concerned as a German couple parked next to us at Camping Rino had had a load of grief. Camper searched and he thought they were after money. No problem for us though, again go figure!

Albania is a weird place.
Some good, some complete shit holes. Take a look at some of the photos, maybe we took a wrong turn and ended up in Chenobyl😀 and the railway bridge photo is there because they looked so, well communist😀
Some places just like Africa.
We drove through the centre of Tirana, that was interesting but they weren't complete twnts like Naples.
Unfortunately some towns you drive through make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Arrived at our campsite which was open but no one around so we went to the restaurant.
Wow, I'm not kidding it's like fine dining at home but 6Euro for a main meal :-) we're happy, for now!
We're here:

The owners are so welcoming and helpful. Thankfully they both speak perfect English.

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