Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Heading Home

Yep the day has arrived and it's a case of "let's get it over with".

Quickest route is through Switzerland, and um not sure actually. Switzerland doesn't appeal and I fancy going through the Mont Blanc tunnel so we head West.

Maybe I should have checked the cost of the tunnel?? 58€. Ouch.

The cruise is set to 75ish, we certainly eat through the miles but stopping for diesel every 10 minutes messes up our average speed😂
It's doing 19mpg ish at this sort of pace. Down from the usual 22 to 26mpg. The DPF and EGR are going to be deleted when we get home.  Oddly even driving it like this it still does a couple of active DPF re generations.

At one point I convince myself that we could make Calais or Dunkirk in one go but by Dijon we've both had enough.

A remarkably good nights sleep at an Aires.

Tomorrow 4.5 hrs to Calais.

Hit the M25 just in time for rush hour, how does anyone do this every day of their working lives!?

Home by 8pm. I think anyway, I've lost the plot by now😁

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  1. Hahaha that's just like us 'foot on the pedal and let's get it over with'