Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Made it to Macedonia for lunch. Not bad going considering a good portion was off road :-)
Someone said the roads were bad in Albania but jeez. Maybe tomtom leading us astray  :-) the locals gave us some weird looks for sure!

I'm using a Samsung tabS2 with navigator and osmand for navigation. They've been
OK Navigator has Tomtom maps and this was the app that sent us off pieste. It was a bit uncomfortable even in the Sprinter.

Maybe I'll splash out on a new Garmin sat nav for normal road use.

I was a little concerned when the road basically disappeared 60km from our destination!

Stopped by Albanian police 3 times, first was because I hadn't put my headlights on, after a bit of confusion he just reached through the door and turned them on for me. Doh! Anyway he didn't do the "let's earn a few euro of the dumb tourists" So happy days😀

Downside is that it's cost us 100euro for insurance in Albania and Macedonia, our green card doesn't cover us here.


Beer less than a Euro.

Local wine tastes like 30quid a bottle quality at home (not that I'd know really). We even Google the winery as we thought a trip there would be fun. It's 3hrs North East of us though so maybe not.

Steak and chips less than 4quid.

Oh and we're next to yet another UNESCO world heritage site, they're as common as muck :-)
Ohrid. We're off there tomorrow.

Staying at Camping Rino, just wonderful. Free coffee and raki as soon as we arrived. Beautiful setting.

A few photos of the trip here, rubbish quality as the camera was on some weird setting.

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