Saturday, 5 November 2016


In case you haven’t noticed we’re foodies, so here’s my thoughts on the recent countries. In reverse order:
We’re now in Dubrovnik. We’ve just been to the number 2 restaurant in Dubrovnik, according to TripAdvisor. I’m not a big fan of tripadvisor, you have to be so careful in your interpretation of the ratings and feedback.
But anyway we went with it. Food, pretty average. Compared to Albania or home I’ll give it a 5 out of 10. Of course it cost an arm and a leg.
But what really messed up the evening was having to sit within 10 metres of 3 English-speaking women (not from the UK btw,  I’ll leave you to figure out where they were from). I really didn’t need to know about HRT or masturbation or that one of them had only had 12000 calories today. I assume she was on a diet.
Marie did threaten to leave when I asked in possibly a too loud voice if they were deaf or just dumb😀 do they really have to shout about everything?! Interspersed with shrieking.

You’ve seen the photos. I’m going to give this the benchmark of 10 out of 10. Not saying it’s the best we’ve ever had. Just using it as a benchmark. It’s not that it was cheap, it was genuinely good. But it’s a very restricted sample. 1 restaurant.

Stupidity good value. It’s  a 7.
Best place was the bar / restaurant attached to the campsite. We only wanted a snack but ended up with a sort of Pizza / pie the size of the Sprinter wheels.
Best bit, however, was when I asked about the carp on the menu. The owner goes over to a bunch of locals on the next table and takes some of their carp. I’ve never tasted this before, it’s so good. I buy them a round, cheers all round😀
So they then send over more fish, balushka I think,  again really good. A great night!

Really good, fresh and great value. I’ll  give it an 8. Probably better than most area's we've tried in Greece. Apart from 1 restaurant on Corfu (Agni, near Nisakki) but that was seriously expensive.

Our Cooking.
Loads of fresh produce, meat in Greece weirdly difficult to find though. When we did (it’s almost like buying alcohol in certain countries, how come when their diet I’d so meat biased?!) it’s so good and cheap. Anyway when we cook its a 10 of course.

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