Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Tonelle Passe

So I found a wiggly road on the map that seemed to be sort of on the way home. Not much of a detour. I really am a slow learner when it comes to believing travel times on the sat nav🤔

Upside we found some snow and the scenery is stunning.

Our stop for the night, very peaceful apart from a couple of locals having some fun doing doughnuts in the car park at 1:30am😀

Woke to around -10C. The van was really toasty though. I'm really pleased with the truma combi heater. Very efficient, quiet and the temperature control is quite sophisticated. It isn't just an on / off control. It varies the air throughput as well as the temperature.
I'm quite impressed, the van was never built for this. We said that we would never go anywhere cold or wet or eat inside the van🤔

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