Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Pakostane and More Food

Free camped on the harbour at Pakostane, a very peaceful nights sleep. Best bit, however, was dropping on a great restaurant.

The sort of restaurant that doesn’t really have a menu, you get what he’s cooked that day. Today was wild mushroom soup and wild boar stew. The hunting season started on Saturday. I’ve had wild boar  in the UK but of course it’s actually farmed boar so completely different to this. It was a pretty amazing meal. 

So much better than the number 2 rated restaurant in Dubrovnik, you really felt like you were eating genuine Croatian food rather than generic European stuff.

The owner is a real character, he’d had a high end fish restaurant in Holland for 15 years or so. He had loads of anecdotes from his time there. The one I liked best was when a cardiac surgeon arrived with a bunch of friends. Long story short he convinced them all that they should have the steak (in his fish restaurant) at the end of the meal the surgeon asks “why did you suggest we had steak rather than fish?”. Reply “we’re  very proud of our fish but you wouldn’t understand or appreciate it”

So we were quite privileged to be considered worthy of his wild boar stew😀

For anyone stopping off here the restaurant is called Grand Cruise Classe. Easy to find its very close to the harbour.

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