Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Thoughts on Campervan Life

In case you haven’t noticed we’re complete novices at this, it's our first trip.

It's quite addictive, although we stopped at Navarino Bay for close to two weeks we now start getting itchy feet after 1 or 2 days.

Although most people we spoke to before we turned North were baffled as to why we would travel through Albania in particular rather than getting the ferry to Ancona we're really glad that we chose to drive. That’s what the camper is built for after all.

Having said that since we have turned North and the implication being we're going home, combined with the change in the weather I think I'm getting post trip blues early😀
It's 50:50. Drag it out as long as possible or input home to the sat nav and set the cruise to 80 and just get it over with.

Anyway after a break, a few tweaks to the camper layout and additional ventilation, and a trip around Asia we'll be back in the camper. Morocco and further south, not sure how far. Although you think you're off road in Morocco, it's all a bit of an illusion. Most of the routes are well used tracks. Doesn’t mean to say some aren't tough and we will need to get the shovel out I'm sure😀

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