Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Post Trip Plans / Thoughts

So considering that this was our first trip apart from 4 days in Devon it went remarkably well. This was very much a trial or reconnaissance trip. A road trip rather than an overland trip in the conventional context. But then again what is the definition of "overland"? OK it's built to go off road but so what.

6,971 miles later.....

Our only firm plans were to get as far as Corfu, and that was only decided about a week before we left.
But we ended up going to:

We're so glad we turned right rather than left straight away when we got to the Greek mainland. The Peloponnese was probably our favourite, but we barely scratched the surface. We will definitely return.

We probably didn't do Albania justice, we missed the coast pretty much completely.

The van performed great, apart from a failed battery it didn’t miss a beat.

We still struggle a little with the entire free camping concept in built up or semi urban areas, but we're getting it. Following people like has been great. Even if their blogg does make my efforts look like a 5yr olds😀

Considering that we've been cooped up in such close quarters for close on 3 months we've  only had the odd falling out, Marie has only wanted to kill me 4 or 5 times but fortunately she doesn't like driving so I have a get out of jail card😎

It's an addictive life style for sure, we're already planning 2017.

Before then a few modifications to the van:
Sprinter To Do.
Maxxvent or Fiamma vent.
Truma vent through bulkhead
Additional storage:
Seat base by sliding door
Shelving above kitchen
Shelving in rear?
Convert cupboard to 2 drawers
Curtain between cab and rear for free camping
Table. Centre or swivel mount?
Drawer unit rear passenger side?
Additional solar panels
More efficient solar controller
Invertor switch by bed
Cassette toilet
Additional ventilation for fridge/freezer
Not too bad considering this was my first attempt. Fortunately I had some expert help from Stuart and Chris

Africa Prep. Probably Spring 2017
Racor fuel filter and water separation
Recovery points
Sand ladders
EGR / DPF delete


  1. You under estimate your efforts, I have truly enjoyed following your journey and absolutely love your passion and excitmemt. You posts ooze with excitmemt and enthusiam and I cannot wait to continue reading about your travels. Keeps up the good work...and I do hope you share non motorhome adventures too!

    1. Thanks for the kind words😀
      Although it's called the White Van Plan it doesn't necessarily revolve around a Sprinter campervan (you'd need to read the first couple of posts to explain that) So yes why not share the rest of our journey?😀
      We've only been back 3 days and the grey, damp gloomy weather, not to mention the gloomy political atmosphere! has already wound us up to move on.