Saturday, 5 November 2016

Three Countries in a Day, By Accident

Our campsite in Northern Albania is great, well to be more precise the restaurant is. We like our food, that’s why you don’t see too many photos of us on here😀
We don’t normally eat out twice a day, but it was so good we had to go back in the evening .

The people here are very friendly and the owner of the campsite is really trying to make it work. They’ve owned the restaurant for 15 year’s but only opened the campsite just over a year ago. They will help you with places to go, suggesting days out, road trips etc. She speaks really good English.

Before we left I took a walk up to the castle, so soon as I told the guy taking your money (1.50 euro) that I was Welsh I was his new best friend. Football I guess, I wasn’t about to tell him that I seriously dislike football of course😀

By the way you can use Euros everywhere, they don’t rip you off on the exchange rate.

North to the Montenegro border. The main industry here seems to be car washing. Every town or village has them every 100m or so. At first I thought that the hosepipes squinting water in the air were there to keep the dust down, but no it’s their way of advertising.

Crossing into Montenegro took forever at the Albanian side, no problem though. Montenegro quicker and easier, they are very keen on car insurance though. Quite rightly so.

It’s  weird, literally 1km in and it’s obviously a completely different country. It feels an easy place. Roads, OK, the first 30km or so you could be on back roads in mid Wales . High hedges, sheep and freezone cows.
The coastline is beautiful, maybe we’ve been starved of the sea for too long, its been maybe 5 days😀
Oh and if you like 1980 / 90s VW Golf's  (I do) this must have the highest density of Mk1 and Mk2 Golf's of any country I know of. Plenty in really good condition too.

OK it’s definitely a tourist trap, see the cruise ship. The place was packed with Americans and Canadians. But so what if it’s a tourist trap, it’s  beautiful. A bit like Cinques Terres in Italy but more appealing, less packed and far more friendly.

We were feeling quite smug with ourselves that we had parked up so easily, within metres of the old town. In a standard car slot, less is more sometimes. That’s until we had to pay. 90 cents per hour so 3€, um no. He wants 9€ for a large car. No receipt, no point arguing.

Jump on a roro ferry, I always like ferries. They seem to add a sense of adventure to any journey. This one is only 9€.
I’d found an open all year campsite, except it isn’t. Lucky really their drone photos conveniently left out the ship yard next door.
So free camping. Um, it’s  the first bit other coast that’s  really cramped and built-up. So we take a side road that seems to follow the coast and end up at. The Croatian border. Ah well not quite the plan but we carryon. Montenegro border take their time, want to see car insurance even though we’re leaving but eventually wave us on.
Croatian border control. Strange, he’s happy to see us, doesn’t grunt and waves us through in minutes😀
So that’s why its 3 countries by accident.
We’ve eventually find a great spot, it’s  early though as it goes dark at 6pm so snacks and movie time. We’ve not got the usual satellite TV you see on most MH of a certain nationality. We do have a 1Tb hard drive with maybe 500 movies and TV series on though. We’ve maybe

watched 10 or so so plenty left.

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